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Welcome to the next entry of BobbiJeanK Blogs. My hope is to educate and inspire by discussing various topics related to my small business to better help customers and other small business owners understand what it takes to run a small business. Next up, let's talk about the BobbiJeanK Rewards Program. 

The BobbiJeanK Rewards Program launched in September 2020 as a way to reward you for shopping small. In this blog post, I'll be walking you through how to access your rewards, ways to earn points, and ways to redeem your points. If at any point you have any questions about your rewards account, feel free to contact me as I am able to log in on the back end and see all reward accounts, points accrual, and points redemptions. Let's get started earning and redeeming those rewards.
First, let's get you signed up or signed into your rewards account. Head to the website at http://www.bobbijeank.com and locate the small pink circle in the bottom right-hand corner with what looks like a present inside (you may have to close out of a pop up if you cannot locate it). If you're not already a member, you can click the pink "Join now" box, or if you're already a member and earning rewards, you can click the option to "Sign in" to your account.
Once you're signed in, your screen should look similar to the one below where you can click and see ways to earn and ways to redeem your points.
Next, let's talk about the 5 ways to earn BobbiJeanK points. By choosing "Ways to earn" you can view these ways and complete as many as you would like.
  1. Sign Up For Rewards: The first way to earn BobbiJeanK points is to sign up for BobbiJeanK Rewards. If you completed the above sign up, process, CONGRATS, you've just earned your first points.
  2. Earn 1 Point For Every $1 Spent: This is the only ongoing way to earn points (the other 4 ways are one-time ways to earn). Earn 1 point for every $1 you spent on the website AFTER discount or coupon codes and NOT including taxes or shipping. You should receive an email after each purchase informing you of your earned points. Please note that previous purchases do not qualify for points.
  3. Like Us On Facebook: Another way to earn points is by liking our Facebook page. Simply click on the option and choose to "Like" our page to earn points.
  4. Follow Us On Instagram: Earn points by following us on Instagram (if you have the platform). Simply click to follow to earn points.
  5. Share Our Facebook Group: The final way to earn points is by sharing our Facebook group to your personal profile. Simply click to share and feel free to tag our group or even myself if we're friends and let your friends and family know about BobbiJeanK: Baubles & Designs.
You can log in at any time and view your available points balance. Next, let's talk about how to redeem those points you've earned.
Simply log into your account and choose the "Ways to redeem" option. You should then see a list of ways to redeem your rewards. Please note that ways to redeem rewards may be modified at any time, so your screen may or may not look like the one below.
If you have enough reward points, you will see a pink button that says "Redeem" or "View" next to the reward. If you do not have enough points for a reward, you will see a partial circle indicating how close you are to that reward. Your total number of points should be listed at the top of the screen. For those rewards that have "View" next to them, simply click on the the button to view the conditions for the reward and then to redeem. To redeem your points for the reward of your choosing, simply click on that reward to redeem. Make sure to press "Redeem" and the system will generate a random code of letters and numbers for you to enter in the discount/coupon code box at checkout on the website.
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to use a reward code on an invoice, you will need to reply to the email you received with the reward code for me to apply manually. At this time there is no option to enter a discount/coupon code on an invoice.
And that's it, you've just earned and redeemed your BobbiJeanK Rewards. Please note that ways to earn and ways to redeem, as well as any components or the reward program, may change at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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